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  About Us

Chris Russell
11 Manor Crescent
Hampshire, PO6 2HP

Hypnotherapy at the Manor Consultancy

Our mission is to provide the best possible service combined with the most effective therapies to generate permanent positive change for our clients; thus greatly improving the quality of their lives and health.

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History of Hypnotherapy at the Manor Consultancy

Hypnotherapy at the Manor Consultancy is the name that I have given to my private hypnotherapy practice (established over ten years ago) with clinics in Drayton (Cosham) Portsmouth, and The Phoenix Holistic Centre at Portsea, Portsmouth.

The Consultancy offers a wide range of self-help tapes, CD's and MiniDiscs the cost of which is deducted from therapy fees if therapy is entered into.

The Consultancy also runs Workshops on a variety of subjects. Why? Because so many therapists have asked for this! Please see Workshops listings.

Company Policies

Hypnotherapy At The Manor Consultancy aims to provide the most effective therapy for change.

We aim to conclude most therapy within six sessions.

Our tapes, CD's and Minidiscs help you to "get the feel" for the way we work but they are no substitute for "the real thing", but used in conjunction with therapy they become very effective and powerful.

The workshops that we run are different to many that you may have been to - why? Our workshops are designed so that you do go away with new "tools" that you can use to help your clients. We do not, as so many so-called 'leaders' in this field do, make exaggerated claims and then not provide the goods!! That is our pledge to our workshop participants. Please see the page on Workshops - I do hope that this will interest you enough to give us a try!

Hypnotherapy At The Manor Consultancy

The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.

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