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Chris Russell
11 Manor Crescent
Hampshire, PO6 2HP


The fear of open spaces

The fear of crowds

The fear of animals

The fear of enclosed spaces

The fear of flying

The fear of spiders

or any other phobia?

If you suffer from Social Anxiety or Social Phobia, you may avoid eating in front of others, writing in front of others, using public conveniences, performing on stage, dating, taking tests, or speaking in public.

At last, help is at hand, through hypnotherapy, to rid yourself of these problems.

Advances in Cognitive and Behavioural Psychology and the advent of NLP, mean that most people can be free of simple phobias in two or three hypnotherapy sessions, and the more complex phobias - such as social phobia - in about five hypnotherapy sessions.

Let me here and now re-assure you that however odd your phobias may be,however irrational, intense or restricting they may be - they are not a symptom of madness!!

The three main questions I am asked by phobics are; Why if I know what caused this response, can't I get rid of it; why has the problem become worse and how can you get rid of it for me?

The answers, simply, are that although you may know the cause of your phobia (and many sufferers do not)the root of the problem lies within the subconscious mind, or Deep Inner Mind as I prefer to call it.

You cannot easily talk to your Deep Inner Mind and so the more you tell yourself that you haven't a problem, the more you reinforce that problem at the Deep Inner Mind level.

Indeed the phobia becomes worse, maybe even stronger, because every time you respond to the stimulus and escape from the situation giving rise to the anxiety; and every time you try to avoid places / situations that give rise to the problem, Your Deep Inner Mind sees this as the correct response - because of the feelings of relief the response gives you - and the mind reinforces the strength of the phobia. (In psychological jargon this is known as negative reinforcement.)

Whilst it is not easy for us to talk to our own Deep Inner Mind, it is easy for a highly trained hypnotherapist to do so.

I firmly believe that the use of hypnotherapy can help more people regain peace of mind, and free themselves of their phobias than any other form of help. Of course I do have a vested interest in making that statement because :-

Chris Russell
Clinical Hypnotherapist
helps people to become free of their phobias.

Notice that I say "helps" people to become free of their phobias. Nobody but you can guarantee that you will become free of your phobias - and you should beware of anyone who makes such a claim!

So why should you consult me and not someone else?

Your unconscious mind is very powerful, intelligent and creative and therefore should be respected. I seek to enlist the help of your Deep Inner Mind to free you from your particular phobia(s) in the right way for you.

This is brought about in an average number of three sessions and the therapy is further enhanced through the use of a cassette tape which allows you to relax and reinforces the therapy each time you play it.

Chris Russell
Bringing the back to your life!!

So if you think I may be able to help you or you want to make further enquiries, ring me now on :-

PORTSMOUTH 0800 7833027

Free yourself of your Fear

Hypnotherapy At The Manor Consultancy

The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.

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