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Deep Inner Mind Hypnotherapy Workshops.

Chris Russell
11 Manor Crescent
Hampshire, PO6 2HP

We provide Deep Inner Mind Hypnotherapy Workshops, workshops with a difference!!

What is the Difference?

Each workshop is designed to be a one or two day event but the real value of these events does not just lie in the actual workshop.

Why do we attend workshops? I believe that professional therapists attend workshops with an open mind in order to discover what they can add to their own way of working, taking the core information and using it in ways that blend in with their own eclectic way of working.

Workshops should be more than that, I think, they should provide an opportunity for therapists to get together and talk to each other about the way they work, their therapeutic beliefs and generally socialise. All too often therapists work alone and have little chance to exchange ideas.

So here is the difference. Whether the workshop is a one or two day event, we all get together on the Friday night to meet, possibly have dinner and 'break the ice'. The great thing about meeting on the Friday night is that when the workshop begins on the next day, we have all had a chance to get to know each other, which enables everyone to get more out of the workshop than perhaps they might have done. Workshops are held at venues which will accommodate us at reasonable prices so that as many as possible can afford to take advantage of this get-together. The venues will be as close to the geographical centre (geocentre) of the attendees as possible.

It must be said that the Friday evening is not mandatory but I feel that delegates will lose out by not attending.

For specific workshops please see "Calendar of events" or feel free to E-mail me to register an interest in any particular subject that you would like to have a workshop about.

Hypnotherapy At The Manor Consultancy

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